Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spring Break at Disneyland!

We had so much fun during Spring Break! We went to Disneyland with Grandma Suzie, Grandpa Tubby, Blake, and Joni. We had a blast and can't wait to go again.

Kennedie's favorite ride was the Dumbo ride. She loved being with Joni on EVERYTHING!
Mikah loved the fireworks! He was in awe of them as he watched. Kennedie, on the other hand, covered her ears the entire time and couldn't wait to go back to the hotel.

The beach was great! We got to experience the public trasportation system. We rode the bus to the beach, but we didn't get off on the right stop on the way there, so we had to wait quite a while for the next one to come. We did eventually make it there and enjoyed our time. Kennedie wouldn't touch the water, and neither would Mikah. They both didn't like the sand either. We finally got Mikah to play in the sand when Jer started digging. Mikah was fine getting dirty, but wouldn't have anything to do with the water. He is a definite boy!
We did make it back to the hotel, and the ride back was a bit better since we didn't have to wait for the bus. Next time, we will drive ourselves.

We watched the Disney Junior show, which the kids LOVED! They both sat through the entire thing. That is a first. We spent a few days in Disneyland and can't wait to go back. Kennedie talks about it all the time. We are saving our pennies and are planning our next trip.
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