Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camping in Richfield

We went to Richfield for a family reunion with Kaye's family. It was great to relax with everyone and see each other again (because the only time we can really count on is at Thanksgiving or Christmas). Kennedie loved playing with her cousins and especially loved Roy & Kim's air mattress they brought out for Sophie to lay down on during the day. It was a great time and look forward to next summer's trip.

While we were there, we went to Fish Lake. Jeramie brought his fishing pole just for fun. He wasn't expecting to catch a fish since all the kids were throwing rocks into the lake, but the next thing he knew his pole was moving and he had a fish!

Happy Birthday Kennedie!

It has been a great year and it is amazing how much Kennedie has grown and changed. We had a party for her and invited friends over for a bbq. Ami, Chase, and Milee were down for a visit and it was great to have them here to share this time with us. Kennedie loves Mickey Mouse, so we ordered a cake for her with him on it. She loved it, but wasn't sure what to do with the cake. She stuck one finger in and scraped off the frosting. Carolyn got in to help and Kennedie got frosting all over Carolyn's black shirt. Kennedie was tired so she rubbed icing all over her face. We got her in the bath (which she normally likes), and she screamed through the entire thing. She loved opening her presents, and enjoys playing with them more. She loves them all!

And we even got a picture of Grandpa (who hates getting his picture taken)! He was reading her new book with her and we couldn't pass up that picture moment!

We love the personality she brings to our home, and it is so much fun to watch her grow and change.

1 Year already!

Here is her bear picture. We can't really keep her still so this is the best we could get. She is all over the place and is walking. WOW! Time sure does fly. She started walking between Jer and I about a week before she turned one, and then a week after her birthday, she is walking with more balance.

A week at Grandma Suzie's

Kennedie and I went and spent a week with Grandma Suzie. Kennedie had a blast and I really enjoyed having a break from the regular routine. Jeramie had a great time with out us too...he went golfing almost everyday (he golfs on the city courses for free). He missed us, but not changing dirty diapers!
Kennedie loves to read and Blake was great! She loves reading the same books over and over. Blake did all the sounds and Kennedie loved it.
Grandma Suzie let Kennedie play with some marbles she had and Kenendie loved to put them in her mouth. She did also like to put them in the jar, but she usually had one in her mouth at the same time.
We got to visit with Grandma & Grandpa Tubbs. We went out to visit them but they weren't home, so we shared an icecream. They came over that night to visit. Kennedie wasn't quite sure, but then Grandpa showed her the chimes in the backyard and she kept going to him to hear the chimes.

We also got to visit with Grandma & Grandpa Nelson. Grandma made a cake and we had some icecream to go with it. Kennedie loved it. Grandma also gave Kennedie her birthday present while we were there. It was a magnet board with a couple magnets. Kennedie loves it!
One day we went to the park and invited Ami, Chase, & Milee and Elise, Adelyn, & Hadley. It was a lot of fun. Kennedie stole a chicken nugget from Hadley, and Adelyn and Chase played with sticks and muddy water. Milee found a dirt patch and sat in it. Sounds like fun right?!
Kennedie loved Grandma Suzie's chimes. There were some in the kitchen and some outside. Anywhere we went Kennedie saw them and wanted to touch them. She points everywhere, so she would let us know which chime she wanted to touch and listen to. Thanks Joni for helping Kennedie play the chimes.

She especially liked the clock that plays music every hour. She loved to push the button and make it play.

Thanks for letting us come! And next year we will have to visit when Elsie and Sophie are down so we can play.

The next Dara Torres...

Well, maybe we are jumping the gun with that one, but Kennedie does love to swim...especially now that we have this baby float for her. She loves going to Grandma Dawn's and swimming.

Helping...Or Not?

Kennedie loves to "help" us with the dishes. Usually while we are loading them, she is taking out the silverware and scattering it around the kitchen.