Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken at the end of March. Mostly so we could have a more updated picture of Kennedie. She wasn't feeling very well that day, but the pictures are still cute. I really like the one where she is sad.

Miscellaneous Pictures

Here are some pictures we have taken recently and wanted to share with everyone. And if you haven't noticed...Kennedie is a Daddy's Girl!

Swimming at Grandma Dawn's

We took Kennedie to Dawn's house and went swimming in her pool. Kennedie didn't like it at first because it was cold. She got used to it and started liking it when she could touch the bottom. Dawn has a little "Shamoo shelf" that Kennedie stood on. She started getting cold and her chin started to quiver. That's when we decided it was time to get out. Oh, by the way, she picked out her swimming suit too.


I know these are late, but here they are now. Kennedie is great at picking out cute stuff. We let her pick her Easter dress, and well...the picture speaks for itself. She loves polka dots!

We are on Facebook

Yeah, we finally succomed to the pressure and made a Facebook page. We still think our blog is way easier. We are trying to figure out how Facebook works. If you want to find us on Facebook our name is JeramieandKaye Thompson. Also, if you have any suggestions to help us figure out Facebook, we would greatly appreciate it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I know these are late

I know these posts are late. There is even one from Spring Break. That one was done, but the video wasn't loading, now it is all taken care of. There has been a lot going on, especially with the end of school. Now that school is over, I can finally take some time to keep everyone updated.

10 Months!

At 10 months Kennedie is doing stairs...quick. She is a speed crawler! And gets where she wants to go! She is starting to get sneaky. Her new thing is to go through the kitchen and open and shut the door to our bathroom downstairs. We had to get her new pajamas because it is starting to be too warm for her footie pajamas. She is growing up and it is so much fun to watch.

She is also starting to stand up and walk around furniture.

9 Months...

Kennedie is growing so fast. She is 18 lbs 10 oz and 28 inches long. It is amazing how fast she grows. She is crawling and loving it. Here is her first attempt at crawling.