Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leave me alone...I'm eating

Kennedie loves her oatmeal. We can't feed it to her fast enough. She tries to help us out by grabbing the bowl and reaching for the spoon.

Snow Day!

It was a snow day on Thursday so I got to stay home and play with Kennedie. (There was about 3 inches on the ground and they called a snow day.) We put Kennedie in her snow suit and we went out to play. She was mesmerized by the snow. She didn't like how cold it was though.

Rolling Over!

On Sunday, December 14th, Kennedie rolled over for the first time. I had put her on her tummy and then I look over and she is on her back. Jer was up sleeping (he works graveyards), so I went up and got him. She rolled over for him too. I then had to send a text to let everyone know she was rolling over. We are so excited she is starting to move more. She is now starting to roll to her side from her back and she is so close to rolling onto her tummy as well. Way to go Kennedie!

WOW! 5 Months Old!

Kennedie is now 5 months old. She is growing so fast. She is starting to talk to us more and is squealing with delight...literally. She chews on everything! She lifts up her legs and is starting to pull off her socks. It is so much fun sharing how she is changing and keeping you up to date.

Ready to go outside

We bought Kennedie a hat so she can stay warm. Isn't she cute?!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful for...

Jeramie wanted Kennedie to enjoy her first Thanksgiving, so we got Kennedie some sweet potatoes. She wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but did better than expected. We had a good Thanksgiving with the Thompson's. Stephanie and her family came over from Kansas. And Ami's family came down from Ogden. We celebrated Christmas with them while we were all together. It was a lot of fun. We always enjoy spending time with our families.

4 months already!

Kennedie is getting so big. She seems to change everyday. We love to watch her grow and enjoy her big personality. She loves to smile, laugh, and play. She is starting to chew on things because she is starting to teeth (which we know will last for quite a while before any teeth actually come). She chomps on our fingers and we found some small teething rings that she loves to chew on.

Happy Halloween!

For the week of Halloween, Kennedie had a few costumes so we had to let her be all of them. They were all cute so we didn't have a problem with them. Grandma Thompson got her a punpkin shirt and Grandma Susie got her a pumpkin hat (her head is too big for it). We also found a ghost onsie and a skeleton onsie that glows in the dark. We don't have a picture of the skeleton, so you'll just have to use your imagination. She was a kitty cat for Halloween. Kennedie was able to come with Mommy to school for the parade. She slept through the whole thing! Kaye was a tooth fairy, and dad decided to be a farmer (no pictures of that).

Carving Pumpkins!

We carved pumpkins with our friends Holly and Anthony. Kennedie's pumpkin was a spider and a web. Kaye carved a skeleton and crossbones. Jeramie did a ghost. We are all so proud of our pumpkins.