Sunday, September 13, 2009

A night at the movies with Kennedie!

Here is a picture of Kennedie as she watches movies. It is almost impossible to get her attention away from the movie.We put in a movie the other night before we put Kennedie to bed and here are the pictures. She loves to watch movies, and her favorite is Finding Nemo. We had to hide it for a bit because we needed a break from it. That is about the only movie she sits through almost the entire thing. She now goes to the movie cabinet and points through the window to the movies and then tries to open the door. She then picks one and looks at the cover to see if that is really the one she wants. We might be in trouble later when she figures out how to open the movie cabinet.

Kennedie's first trip to Vegas!

We decided to go to Vegas during my Labor day break. We went to Bass Pro Shop and Kennedie liked the animals. (She loves the animals when we go to Sportsman's too.) It is connected to a casino that has a HUGE fish tank and Kennedie loved looking at all the fish. She kept walking around it trying to see all the fish. She would also look at us and then point to the fish. Sorry they aren't the best pictures, but Kennedie kept moving and the lighting wasn't the greatest either.


Kennedie likes Spaghetti-O's and we wanted to show you just how much. The pictures speak for themselves.

Kennedie's First Haircut!

Wow! I can't believe we have had to get Kennedie's hair cut already. We got it done in August, but we haven't posted it yet. Her hair was getting a little long, but we only needed to get the back cut and trimmed up. It is now starting to come in thicker and getting longer. My favorite picture is the one with Tate in it. His look shows just how concerned he is about her.

Family Reunion with Grandma Morrey

We went up to Orem for our Morrey family reunion and had tons of fun. We love spending time with family and catching up with cousins. Kennedie loved playing with her cousins and also the other kids there (I don't know what step of cousins she is to them). Even though it was August, it was pretty cold that night. But Kennedie and I had our jackets, Jer had to fend for himself.