Sunday, August 10, 2008

At the Fair

We went to the fair and watched the demolition derby.

Say Cheese!

This was one of Kennedie's first smiles. She smiles a lot and we love to watch her make all sorts of faces.

Helping Mom Out

Jer brought Kennedie's laundry downstairs to be washed and there was a surprise in the basket!

Watch Me Grow!

Every month we are going to take Kennedie's picture next to this bear and see how much she grows.

Bathing in the Blue Tub

Kennedie loves her baths now. She just lays in the tub moving and kicking. She doesn't like getting out though.

Kennedie's First Bath

Kennedie did not enjoy her sponge baths. But she did like having her hair washed.