Sunday, April 18, 2010

Morning Jewels

Jer is home with Kennedie in the mornings since he works swing shift. They were playing and found her jewelry in the toy box. Jer put ont a necklace, and then Kennedie had to put the rest on.

Helping Out!

We are building a shed at Jer's parents house and Kennedie likes to try to help. She loves playing with the dog and stealing the hammer. When we get home from working on it, Kennedie is filthy. She is going to be a great help when we have other projects. (or at least we can hope.) We will post pictures of the finished project when it gets done. Maybe another week or 2.
We tied Zeva up and Kennedie sat down next to her. Kennedie loved it!
Kennedie and Daddy dancing on the base of the shed.

Hammering away at the shed. Not really helping, but staying out of the way.

At the Park

Kennedie loves going to the park. We drive by the park every day and she calls out, "ice". That's her saying slide. She wanted me to go down the slide after her. She is 'catching' me. I didn't quite fit in the slide. My hips were too wide so I had to go down sideways. She moves out of the way once I start going down.
She is not a big fan of the swings, but we did get to to swing with us. We can't go high, and she doesn't want to stay on the swing for long.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Grandma Suzie, Grandpa Tubby and Blake came down for Easter and spent the weekend at our house. It was a great time and Kennedie really liked having them visit. We went to the Art Festival and had some great lemonade. We hope they can come visit again soon.

The next day was Easter. We didn't hide eggs for Kennedie, but she did like opening the eggs and seeing what was in each one. She really liked the treats Grandma brought.

Playing with cousins

Here is a picture moment for everyone. If you can't get the toys you want, why not climb in to find them?! We got to play with our cousins for a little bit while we stayed a night at Grandma Suzie's. Kennedie had so much fun.

Wedding in Orem

We went to Jer's cousins wedding in March and got some cute pictures of Kennedie. Just wanted to share. If you notice she is carrying her alligator. She loves alligators!

New Bike

Kennedie loves to play outside and rides the other kids bikes. We got her a bike and she was a little too short to ride it (who would have guessed?!). She is now tall enough to putter herself around on it. There is a hill by our house and she got down it by herself without crashing, which has never happened since. All the kids love this hill, and I guess Kennedie just wanted her turn.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How's my hair?

Kennedie likes to get her hair done, but she doesn't like us to take it out. Her babysitter did her hair one day and then wouldn't let Jer take it out, so he had to take it out while she was having her milk before bed. In the morning she looked like this. And that is how she went to the sitter's the next day.

Playing Outside

Loving the sunshine so we can play outside. We have been having pretty good weather since about the middle of February. It has been sunny, and now in April it is starting to get warm enough we don't need a jacket. Kennedie loves to be outside and play with the kids in our neighborhood.Just strolling through the neighborhood. Enjoying the sun.
Riding the wiggle-car. Kennedie enjoys riding our neighbor's wiggle-car. All the kids love riding it as well, so it get plenty of use. Thanks Tanner for sharing with us.

Roll down the hill, but don't touch the grass!

Saving our pennies!

We buy most everything with cash now, and any change (coins) we get goes into a piggy bank in our kitchen. One day I dumped the coins out and Kennedie wanted to help put them back in. She couldn't quite get the money into the bank because she wouldn't turn the coin so it would fit in the slot. Maybe this is the start of Kennedie's college fund.