Friday, August 24, 2012

Christmas and a Haircut!

We had a great time at Grandma Suzie's for Christmas! It was so fun to see the cousins. We even met Santa and he gave Kennedie and Mikah a present from his sack! Kennedie couldn't stop talking about it. Since we were at Grandma's house, Santa left the "big" presents at our home in St. George. He left Kennedie and Mikah a picture of their presents in front of the tree. Kennedie got a bike and Mikah got a wiggle car. It was definitely a Merry Christmas! Kennedie carried her picture around everywhere and showed it to everyone!

Mikah wouldn't sit still for a picture with the cousins if you couldn't tell. Curtis stepped in and tried to help, but it may have made him want to do it more! The pictures turned out super adorable. And by the end all the little ones were wanting to be moving everywhere.

Bowling was a blast! Kennedie loved waiting for the ball to come back. She taught Mikah how to bowl. What a wonderful big sister she is! The best part for Kennedie was having Aunt Joni there. They are "best friends" and Kennedie loves being wherever Joni is. We love you Joni!

Mikah had his first haircut while at Grandma Suzie's. Joni did a fabulous job! He had some beautiful curls, but he looks so handsome now. He wasn't so sure about it, but the binky saved the day! It helped that Daddy was holding him too.

When we got home from Grandma Suzie's, the first thing Kennedie did was go to her new bike and wanted to ride it. Does she look excited or what?! Mikah got some help from Dad with his wiggle car.

The picture of the house with the lights is one in St. George. It had music and was amazing! I can't wait til next Christmas to see them again.

Grandma Bonnie and Papa had Christmas waiting for us when we got home. Kennedie loves her baby Cinderella and her new pants are fantastic! My favorite is her Halloween shirt she had to wear. She makes me laugh! Mikah played with his new cars until we brought them home. It was a wonderful Christmas!
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Kennedie had her first dance recital in December. She loves her dance class! And all her friends who dance with her! She couldn't stop talking about her "dancital." (And yes that is one word.) We were a bit nervous to see how she would do, but she ended up doing a great job! She loves her "Belle dress" as she calls it.
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Mikah's First Birthday!

Mikah had a wonderful birthday. We had some family and friends over for cupcakes. He was not so sure about the cupcake at first, but then he tasted the frosting. It was all downhill from there!
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Halloween 2011

Halloween was great!
Carving pumpkins was the most interesting part of the holiday. Kennedie didn't want to help, but wanted to take all the credit for her pumpkin. And then we had to carve Mikah's pumpkin, Kennedie giving credit to Mikah for the work. Jer carved a fantastic BYU "Y", mine is the bat, then Kennedie's and Mikah's is at the end.
We went to Grandma Dawn's and Grandma Bonnie's. After that, Kennedie wanted to go "trick-or-treating" so we walked around our neighborhood and filled our buckets.
Jer had to work that night and he even took his wig and wore it on some calls. The other officers didn't think he would do it. I was a ghost, Kennedie a princess, and Mikah our little monkey.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monster Dash 2011

Kennedie ran in her first race! She has been asking Daddy when she can run in her own race, and here is her chance. She did awesome! They gave her a medal that she loves! Mikah loved playing while waiting for Dad to finish his 5k. I love the picture of Kennedie hugging Mikah. He loves his sister! Jeramie got 3rd place overall. He did amazing! We can't wait to run it again next year.
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Jeramie's 1st Marathon!

WOW! Jeramie ran the St. George Marathon! Amazing! He trained all summer and ran the marathon in 5 hours 3 minutes 8 seconds. I asked if he is going to run it next year and he said YES! I think he's crazy! He wants to get a better time. We are so proud of him!

As you can tell, Kennedie loved posing for the camera while we waited for Daddy, and she even had to wear his medal for the family photo. Mikah wore himself out and slept for a while.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hogle Zoo - July 2011

We took the kids to the zoo with the cousins. It was so much fun!
Kennedie can't wait to come back again.

This is Mikah's favorite place to be...on Dad's shoulders

The giraffes were the favorite

Don't mess with Mikah and his ice-cream! This is the first time he has had it.
Look at the grip he has on Jer's finger!
 Riding the carosel is so much fun!

Fun on the train
 with Mom and Dad

Fireworks 2011

We went to see the fireworks with Grandma Bonnie, Papa Thompson, and the rest of the family.

Kennedie covered her EYES the whole show because they were too LOUD.
Mikah was in awe the entire time. He thought they were amazing.

Summer 2011 (with Grandma Suzie)

We spent 2 weeks in the summer with Grandma Suzie. Jeramie tiled the kitchen while we were gone. Here are some pictures of our fun we had.
Driving in Park City
Does Mikah look scared or what?!

Ready to go swimming
In the elevator with Grandma Suzie at Park City

Reading with my cousin Milee in Owen's bed
in our swimming suits

Happy Father's Day Dad!
Since we were away from home and Dad,
we sent him a picture for Father's Day.
In a cave. Our ancestors came through here
and had to stay for shelter during the winter

Blake looks happy to be here, doesn't he?

Fun in the hammock at Gayle's house

Swimming at Grandma's and so happy Dad flew up to get us

Swimming with the cousins

 So happy to be together after 2 weeks

At Hill Air Force Base Museum

Some of Jer's races

Here is Jer running the Spectrum 10k (March 2011). It's his first race other than a 5k so he was a little nervous, but he did amazing! He ran it in 44 min. 48 sec. WOW!
 The kids were cold, but we bundled them up.

Jer also ran in the Utah Valley 5k. He wanted to try the 1/2 marathon, but it was full.
The kids were good and Grandma Suzie, Grandpa Tubby, and Blake came to watch.

Mikah slept most of the time.
Kennedie's "champion" stance.
This is a re-posed picture since we didn't capture it the first time, and thought it was adorable.

Cute friends

Kennedie loves playing outside with friends.
I caught her spinning and had to get a picture.
These girls are adorable!


Kennedie had to make crowns for everyone. We all had to have one and wear them.

Easter 2011

We had a ward Easter egg hunt. Kennedie wasn't quite sure what to do, but she got the hang of it and didn't want to stop. Mikah wasn't much into it, but he came along for the ride.

Kennedie also had a personal egg hunt at Grandma Bonnie's. She was an expert and had so many eggs to find. She loved it, can you tell?!

Easter morning was a little slow, she wasn't very happy...
but she eventually found all 6 of her eggs!